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Top questions

What is the service?

The service is a time-limited license (right) to use protective features of Dr.Web for Windows.

Shall I be using legal licensed software?


My operating system is not supported by Dr.Web. What can I do?

The list of supported operating systems can be found in the “Subscription packages” section of your personal area. If your operating system is not in the list, you won’t be able to use the anti-virus service. Doctor Web does its best to enable support of all versions of Windows. The list of supported OS is updated regularly. You can subscribe to our mailing list here to follow our latest news. For example, Windows-based 64-bit systems are supported in beta-version.

Shall I pay for the anti-virus downloading and updating traffic?

No, the service software uses free traffic of your local network.

If I disconnect from the network shall my computer still be protected?

Yes, it shall. The software won’t receive updates but all components protecting hard drives and removable media and e-mail will remain operational.

IMPORTANT! Internet is not the only way for malware to get into a system. Regular updating of anti-virus software is one of the most important aspects of anti-virus security.

What is a subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is one month. The maximum subscription period is not limited – this is actually an eternal anti-virus. The subscription ends when you yourself either suspend it or terminate.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe for the service in your personal area. Specify your operating system and choose Dr.Web subscription package. The subscription period is one month. Automatic monthly renewal will be activated upon subscribing so you won’t need to renew your subscription manually every month.

What is a Dr.Web anti-virus subscription package?

The subscription package is a package of services provided to a subscriber. Different subscription packages allow a subscriber to get only services he actually needs.

What subscription packages are available?

The available packages are Dr.Web Classic, Dr.Web Standard, Dr.Web Premium, and Dr.Web Premium Server. Dr.Web Classic provides protection from malicious objects of all types. Dr.Web Standard shields a system from malicious objects of all types but also provides a user with an anti-spam filter while Dr.Web Premium will give a user comprehensive protection from all threats. Apart from basic anti-virus and anti-spam It also allows to control access to websites and to scan HTTP traffic for viruses ensuring that a subscriber receives only clean web-content. Comprehensive protection of Windows server operating systems is provided in Dr.Web Premium Server subscription package. Compare the subscription packages before you subscribe. Pay attention to the list of supported operating systems.

Can I change a subscription package during the subscription period?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade. Downgrade is always free of charge and it lowers the level of security of your system. Upgrade is always paid and it always improves the level of security of your system. Subscribers using Dr.Web Premium can downgrade to Dr.Web Standard or Dr.Web Classic. Dr.Web Standard can be downgraded to Dr.Web Classic only. Users of Dr.Web Classic or Dr.Web Standard can upgrade and start a new subscription period. In this case the money paid for the previous subscription won’t be returned or added to the user account.

When does the subscription period start?


When does Dr.Web start protecting my computer?

The anti-virus starts working as soon as you subscribe and install the Dr.Web software on your computer. On the second step you will be prompted to download the installer that will install the anti-virus software. The download link will be available in the “Administration” section of your personal area as long as your subscription is valid.

Can a subscription be renewed automatically every month?

You don’t need to renew your subscription manually, the automatic monthly renewal is activated as soon as you subscribe.

Can I suspend my subscription?

You can suspend your subscription while you are away on holiday or on a business trip. Choose the period during which your subscription will be suspended (1, 2 or 3 months) and press “Done”. Your subscription will be suspended from the first day of the subsequent calendar month When the suspension period expires your subscription is renewed automatically.

You have subscribed for the service on March 3. The current date is September 26 and you want to suspend your subscription. Your subscription will be suspended from October 1. The money spent as the service fee for the period when you don’t use the service won’t be returned

How can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe in your personal area. Choose “Terminate subscription” and press “Done”. The service will remain active until your subscription period expires.

Example. You subscribed to the service on March 3. The current date is September 26 and you’re willing to unsubscribe. The subscription will be terminated on October 3

How can I change the interface language of the anti-virus?

Right-click on the spider icon in the system tray and select the language menu item. Select a language of your choice from the list. It may take a moment for changes to take effect.

How do I contact the technical support service of Doctor Web

Right-click on the green spider icon in the system tray and choose “Support”.

IMPORTANT! The feature is available only of the Dr.Web anti-virus is installed in the system and a connection to the Internet is established.

How are users supported?

The subscription also includes free technical support:

  • updating of the virus database
  • updating of software modules
  • assistance of support engineers using a web-formv
  • analysis of submitted suspicious files.

Where can I find a report file to send it to the support service?

Right-click on the green spider icon in the system tray and choose “Technical support”. The report will be generated automatically. Information about your system will be included in the archive file containing the report to provide support engineers with all the information. Make sure you remember location where the archive file has been saved. Attach the archive to an e-mail message sent at the support e-mail address.